At Dawenha, we recognize the importance of preserving and enriching the natural beauty of our homeland, Egypt. This is why we are excited to launch our "TREE PROJECT" in Egypt, in collaboration with our dedicated community. Our initial goal is to plant 100,000 trees across Egypt, making a strong statement about our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Aligned with this mission, for every purchase of our adventure notebook, we include native tree seeds. This allows you to not only cherish memories through writing but also to actively participate in greening the landscapes you love in Egypt. Whether it's along the Nile, in the heart of Cairo, Delta, in the serene deserts, or in the north cost of Egypt your contribution will help create a sustainable and lush future for our nation.

Join us in this vital journey. Together, we can foster a greener, more flourishing Egypt for our future generations, ensuring that the beauty of our country is preserved and enhanced.


Rinse the Seeds: In a cup of water, gently wash the seeds to remove any debris.

Prepare the Tissue: Lay the seeds on one half of a tissue paper, then fold the other half over them.​

Moisture Setting: Place the folded tissue into a plastic container. Add a few drops of water to keep the tissue moist.​

Germination Period: Store the container in a warm, dark place for about 15 days. Add a few more drops of water after the first 5 days to maintain moisture.​

Planting Time: After the 15-day period, carefully unfold the tissue and gently place the germinated seeds into individual pots filled with soil.​

Nurturing the Seedlings: Keep the pots in a sunny spot and water them every three days. Given Canada's varied climate, you may need to adjust your watering schedule according to your specific region.​

Transplanting: Once the seedlings have grown sufficiently, you can safely transplant them to a more permanent location outdoors, contributing to Canada's beautiful landscape.

Join our Community

Share your experience, send us the places where you planted your seeds and pictures so that we follow with you the progress of the project to the extent that we reach our goal.

If you are an owner of a project that serves the community or you have a unique idea that benefits the environment, share your ideas with us and we will communicate with you if we have the possibility to participate or implement.

Send an email with your information and project details to ...

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